What you need to know about this photograph...

From the first time, I photographed Hattie the camera has loved her! For this shoot, she made a crown of fuchsia bougainvillea.
From the photograph, I doubt you would picture her standing in the doorway to the master bath in my bedroom. But that is exactly where she was standing.
What I like about this spot is the beautiful natural light from the large bedroom window lighting her face, the small window in the bathroom which is out of frame creating the highlights on the left side of her neck and a tiny highlight on the right side of her face from the small bathroom window bouncing off of the large mirror over the sink, also out of frame. While the bathroom is painted off white it has a very warm feel because of the tungsten lights over the bathroom mirror and my choice to “white balance” for the bluer daylight illuminating her face and body. I also chose to shoot with the lens nearly wide open at f/2.5 to make the background completely indistinguishable and to give an overall soft and romantic look to the photograph.
You should try using mixed light sources in your photography. It can create some very interesting results.
Here are the settings for the shot… Canon 135mm f/2.0 L series lens, shot at f/2.5, at 1/125 sec, at ISO 320
I hope you find the information helpful as you take portraits.