What you need to know about this photograph...

It was very foggy this morning. It reminded me of a trip to North Carolina to photograph the fall colors. Upon arrival, it was raining, from drizzling to pouring, and there was a constant fog. NOT, the ideal trip to photograph fall colors.
I realized that most of the photographs I had seen and admired were photographed under ideal conditions. So I took this as an opportunity to try and find beauty in spite of the weather.
How do you take photos like this? Go ahead and go outside even in the poor weather, protect your gear, and start shooting. Sometimes it requires patience, like a gentle shift in the wind which created the opportunity for this photograph.
Choosing a warmer white balance setting as I did here can accent the fall colors and make the cold grey weather seem a little more inviting. Remember not to overexpose the highlights, insure that you will be able to make beautiful prints from your fog photographs.