What you need to know about this photograph...

Time doesn’t stand still! This is a photograph of my son Devin, who is now nearly 23 years old! Devin has always been very indulgent in letting me photograph him. When he was little he would be happy to get dressed up and model for me. Of course, I would always limit our shoots to one outfit, I wanted him to be willing the next time I got out my camera to photograph him.
Maybe it’s because I am his dad, but when I look at this photo, and many many others, I see love for his father in his eyes. I think you would agree that there isn’t much in life that brings as much joy and lightness to your heart as seeing your child’s reflection in your eyes.
So what you need to know about this photograph.. take your camera in hand when spending time with those that you love, that you care about, that you just met and are fond of, and take their picture. Not just cell phone photos that you collect by the thousands daily, but photos that you take the time to stop, compose, adjust the light, and connect with the person you are photographing. So that one day, maybe in 20 years, the image will cause you to pause in your busy life and remember that moment after a gentle rain, the smell of the fall leaves, the perfect overcast sky that gave you this perfect moment to capture an unforgettable photograph of someone you love.
When taking photos, slow down and take the time to put your heart in your photographs.
I shot this with my favorite lens that I use 85% of the time, the Canon 85mm f/1.2 L series lens. The aperture is f/4.0, ISO 320, shutter speed 125th of a second. As I mentioned, the sky was beautifully overcast when I capture this photograph.