What you need to know about this photograph...

Amanda had wanted to shoot with me for a little over a year. It seemed like we were never going to find the time.
Checking my email early one Saturday morning I received an email from my shoot for that afternoon having to reschedule. I was bummed, I always look forward to my shoots. My heart was set on shooting that afternoon so I got out my list of last-minute potential models. Amanda was at the top of my list so I crossed my fingers and gave her a call.
Amanda answered her phone and told me that she would love to shoot but was actually just finishing packing up her apartment to move to Portland, Oregon. Once again I was bummed. Especially since she was moving out of state and making the likely hood of me photographing her seem even more impossible. I asked her if she had moved her furniture yet. She told me that all she had left in her studio apartment was her bed and yes the sheets were still on the bed. I told her if she could take an hour off from packing I could run over and we could have a quick shoot. She agreed.
When I got to her apartment I was so happy! Her apartment was a corner unit and had big windows on two walls with long white sheer curtains. The light was PERFECT!! She had just showered and masterfully put on her makeup, she was ready. We pushed some boxes into her hallway and moved her queen bed toward the middle of the room where the soft daylight coming in through her windows would light her perfectly. I love natural light.
I have so many amazing images from that afternoon, the majority of which I cannot share here on FaceBook, unfortunately. While it was a very short session, Amanda was able to get comfortable instantly, and together we created some very soft and intimate photographs. It was worth the wait. (I was able to find a second image that was FaceBook safe)
I included the wall sconce because it reflected the time in which this building was constructed and to me gives a sense of an elegant time. For me, her living space was important to include for the mood of the photograph.
For the photoshoot I told Amanda that I wanted the photos that afternoon to look and feel like she was being lazy on a Sunday morning, feeling romantic and having no desire to get dressed. In all of her images, she was able to accomplish this look and feel.
Ok, now for the specs on how the images were captured… I used my favorite lens the Canon 85mm f/1.2 L series lens shot at f/2.2, shutter speed 1/200 sec., ISO-250. I always shoot RAW. If you would like to know why I can share that in another post if this post gets any longer I will have to get an ISBN number to share it.
P.S. After the shoot I went home to put the images on my computer. The memory card was corrupted and all of the images appeared to be gone!! I was sick. Fortunately, I was able to use Data Rescue to retrieve 95% of the images. That is the ONLY time I have had a card fail.
Nowadays I always shoot with two memory cards in my camera, redundancy can be a lifesaver.