How Clients and Fans Describe Perry’s Photography

Courtney Cruz

What can I say? 

Perry and I met in 2004 at my job and the rest is history! I had been modeling for about 5 years at that time. He was really funny but also super professional, had a great portfolio was incredibly passionate about his art. He made me feel very at ease right away which helped me to be playful with the camera.  If he needed me to move an arm or a leg or adjust anything he would ask me politely and always made sure to ask me if I was comfortable throughout our shoots.

I agreed to shoot with him and learned very quickly we had a great artistic spark between us that was captured on film, as digital hadn’t really been readily available yet. We didn’t know what we caught on film that day until he developed everything. I think we were both really blown away by what we captured together. The photos looked very natural and not super posed. Lots of beautiful shots that would go on to be some of my best work during my 15-year modeling career.

I continued to shoot with Perry through much of my public and private life as a model and burlesque performer. I got into a car accident shortly after our first shoot. Not something most people would think of shooting art photos of but Perry shot incredibly imaginative photos of me in a great setting. I was a model for Perry when he was teaching workshops to up-and-coming photographers.

He definitely has a knack for teaching his students while still making the shoot feel intimate to his model. When he switched from film to digital it was so exciting to be able to see what he saw right away and we worked together to pick great images that we both felt good about then he would edit. 

I got married and I asked him to shoot my wedding. I was just a few months post-pregnancy at the time. Perry shot me at different weights, pre and post-baby over the last seventeen years we have known each other and he never fails to make me feel beautiful.

He’s definitely one of the best in the business. His eye for detail, lighting, and editing are amazing. He knows how to accentuate a woman’s best attributes and put you at ease if it’s your first time or your tenth shooting with him. I think being at ease around him lends itself to him capturing every woman at her best. Calm and stress-free is beautiful!

As women our bodies change so much from our twenties to our thirties and now into my forties, Perry has always been able to take very flattering, sensual, and artistic photos of me at all ages. I love you Mr. Gallagher thank you for being incredible at what you do !!!

What do you love about Perry's Photos?

He can make women of all ages, ethnicities, look like works of art. – Kat T

His ability to capture the soul of the shot… Even if photographing a nude, it’s so much more than a naked body… Can’t really explain but he’s a genius – Angel

His connection to the person creates a piece that is unique and alive. More than a photoshoot, a session with Perry is an uplifting, spiritual experience. – Lee H.

His eye for the moment and an ability to be in the right place at the right time. – Kenton R.

There is a softness that comes through, regardless of the content/scene. I appreciate it. – Brian T.

The use of natural light and angles of the body are what make your work stand out above the rest.Karen B.

You can see into the soul of his subjects. – Yasmin N.

He brings a fresh and exciting look to his work, that others can’t match. – Martin M.

Each pic looks like a story.Kathy I.

The clear connection with his subjects and their ease. – Jason S

What makes Perry's photography special?

The beauty, sensuality, lighting, and connection Jason S.

How he makes every single woman feel/look beautiful. – Gwen I.

He has a unique eye and always brings something new to each shot he takes – Martin M.

How Perry brings a model’s inner soul alive – Valerie C.

His love of the art. His appreciation of women of all ages. The brilliant way he uses lighting and his divine editing. He is a superb artist – Lee H.

The personality captured in his photographs – David W.

The intimacy and lighting of your photos – Frans V.

The way he captures the natural beauty of women. – Xana F.

He makes everyone look sexy. You can tell he loves women, and really understands the lines and curves of women.  – Kat T.


Shooting with Perry was a lot of fun. He leads the shoot with calm and patience. I like the way he used our surroundings and natural light. It felt honest and less manufactured. He can see the inherent beauty in each individual woman, framing the shot to compliment my unique features and instilling confidence in me while we were shooting. 

Perry has a natural way about him that puts you immediately at ease. He was conversational while still being on task. I think some people forget the human connection between model and photographer. Perry makes that connection genuinely. 

Perry was able to connect with me psychologically and emotionally. I can be a little shy, but I felt comfortable. The photos show a vulnerability and engagement that is rarely captured. 

Perry is a consummate pro. You will feel heard, respected, and beautiful. 

If you want to have better pictures than you think are possible, shoot with Perry. I have worked with a lot of photographers over the years, and Perry has taken some of my favorites. 

Thank you for seeing me, and for making me feel beautiful.


At age 75, I posed in lingerie with the extraordinary photographer Perry Gallagher. It was my second time in fancy underwear in front of Perry’s camera — the first time was at age 72. I wanted to affirm that as we age, our bodies change, but we are no less beautiful if we have that zesty inner sensuality and confidence.  Perry’s skillful eye and his genuine appreciation of all bodies as sexy and wonderful made the whole experience joyful, and the final photos are gorgeous beyond my dreams.

What was it like to work with Perry? A ton of fun. Perry is a true professional. He knew how to put me at ease with his humor and his appreciation of the female body whatever its shape, size, or age. He gives me instructions — where to turn, where to look, how to arrange various body parts. The whole time, he clicked away.

Perry Gallagher is a visionary, and I’m proud and honored to be part of his vision. Being photographed by him was a truly empowering experience that I’ll take with me anytime I fret about a new wrinkle or thigh puff.”


I remember shooting with Perry in my loft apartment in Oakland, California. We were in the kitchen and he had me put on these bright yellow rubber dishwashing gloves and he got these great pictures of me nude only wearing only these super bright primary yellow gloves!

Shooting with Perry Gallagher has always been a relaxed easy-going and creative experience. The shoots were about capturing the natural light and I always felt at ease with him so it was just easy to be in front of the camera and to feel relaxed in front of the camera. Nothing feels forced at all. It was friendly, creative, and fun! The shots were so incredibly beautiful. Pure. He is able to capture these incredibly intimate moments. He is able to capture feelings that are the true essence of the model or subject.

Perry has always been pleasant, kind, spontaneous, and even excited about ideas to try. He is great at finding the light in the room and getting you in it. You feel like you are the light and he is capturing you basking in it. You are fantastic Perry and it has always been wonderful to shoot with you and to be in front of your camera. Such fun memories we have and these images are forever, they are dreamy, timeless, passionate, and poetic.

If you are thinking of shooting with Perry and you want some beautiful portraiture or portfolio shots he is fantastic. Very professional. His direction is also great. His artistic nudes are just honest and erotic! Exquisite ART! Do it!


Perry has shot some of my most iconic images. He helps me feel comfortable as a model by being calm and offering genuine encouragement.

Perry’s eye for detail makes every image more than just a photo. He creates an image that captures a story. Even the settings he finds are remarkable. His trained eye knows how to bring out the beauty in an ordinary chair or doorway, which accentuates the model.

Capturing flattering angles is definitely one of Perry’s strengths. To do this he gently offers direction; I never feel uncomfortable when he offers suggestions. His communication is top-notch and always so warm.

If you get a chance to shoot with Perry, you are very lucky!