The Perry Gallagher Experience

The first word that comes to me is “intimate.” I believe I see into the person I am photographing beyond the obvious. I think my photography is sensual and, at times, erotic. Because my first choice for light is available light, my images look more natural, more “Real.” One of my favorite photography reviews said that “Perry’s photography is a celebration of women.” I feel he summed up my photography well.

My photography stands out because I engage my heart when I look through my lens at my subject. I think about what is desirable about the person, what I feel is in their heart. In the short time of a photoshoot, I cannot know for sure what is in the soul of my subject, but I can say that I am rarely wrong in how I capture their inner beauty. I believe I create more dynamic images by allowing myself to “Feel” during a photo shoot. You couple that with my subject feeling safe and trusting that I will take sensual, intimate, and beautiful photos of them; you will have a sense of their feelings and who they are as well. And thus a more personal and memorable photograph.

I hope my photos make people slow down and take their time viewing them. It is a very high compliment. I hope people feel various emotions—first, love, then adoration, intimacy, and desire. I would like people to imagine themselves being in the photograph. It’s that level of intimacy I hope people feel.

The reason I hear most often from women who want me to photograph them is that “They want to be seen through my eyes,” probably the highest compliment I can have. It suggests trust and the belief that I will reveal their true beauty, and I do.

Because people recognize my photography as having feelings, the scenarios are vast. Of course, sensual, intimate images, as I am most known for that style. But also, most scenarios with people, couples, families, children, engagements, weddings, birthday parties, and events where people want images captured with feeling.

In a word, “Connection.” To see and photograph the beauty of the soul, to preserve that insightful and intimate moment forever.

I look for the trust in my client’s eyes when they surrender to my direction, and my talent for capturing their true selves—having that trust placed in me makes the shoot special for me. What makes it special for the model is when they realize that they are safe and can relax, plus showing them previews of the images on the back of my camera makes them feel confident and excited. What makes it special for the viewer? The opportunity to experience the beauty and vulnerability of the person in the photograph.

My secret sauce is connecting with my clients’ inner beauty and photographing that intimacy. Also, my ability to use available light makes my images feel real, like a slice of life. Last but not least, 85% of the photographs I take are with my Canon 85mm f/1.2 L series lens. It is my voice in capturing intimacy. With this lens, I can create a soft shallow depth of field, beautiful bokeh, and emphasize the feeling I want the image to express.

What about the experience makes it fantastic? It feels fantastic! If I could bottle it, everyone would be addicted and want to be a photographer! The immense joy is seeing that I have made my client’s life richer through photography. Making a difference in someone’s life is the best reward.

I bring a positive attitude and genuine love for my client. My confidence as a photographer makes the shoot special as well. It is easier for the model to trust the photographer if he knows what he is doing and is good at what he does. I hope the model brings optimism and trust. When the model trusts me and can let me do all the thinking and just enjoy the shoot, the images turn out fantastic! The model needs to get out of her head about what she might look like in any given photograph. Trust and following directions make for great images!