I believe that within all of us is a radiant beauty waiting to shine. Too often in life, we worry that we are not good enough, we’re not pretty enough, and we have to be anyone other than ourselves to be seen.

Through my photography, I help you discover your true beauty. You see, it’s not about the camera and equipment I use. It’s about the trust, intimacy, and connection you feel that allows you to reveal and share the beautiful aspects of you that are often hidden from the world.

When you courageously shine your light from within, you share intimacy and your true beauty. You will be seen, and the world will know you as well. Photographing who you are is what I do best.

I invite you to join me on this journey to discover and share “The Intimacy of Beauty.”

“I believe that when a woman sees her beauty for the first time through the lens of my camera, she rediscovers a part of her that will forever transform the way she experiences and loves herself.”

Artist Bio

Perry Gallagher is a photographer based in Los Angeles, California, using available light to produce fine art and erotic imagery. His portfolio encompasses the boudoir, nude, fashion, portrait, and wedding genres. 

From a young age, Perry was captivated by photography. In third grade, he acquired his first camera with the money he earned by collecting and sending in box tops from cereal boxes for cash. Ever since then, he has been in love with photography. At the age of fourteen, he worked through an entire summer to save up and purchase his first single-lens reflex camera, a Canon Ftb QL. With it, he took photos for the school newspaper and annual spending his evenings in the school’s darkroom. It was during high school that he realized that photography was in his blood and would be a meaningful part of his future.

However, with urging from his parents, Perry decided it more prudent to pursue a business degree and received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Loma Linda University. After years of working in the business sector and a particularly stressful time, he realized the importance of making time for his passion, photography. Perry gives photography credit for being alive and enjoying his beautiful life.

Perry Gallagher’s photographs embody an uncommon clarity and capture an unexpected intimacy in each frame. Furthermore, his images reveal the intimate beauty of subjects. He believes that all women—no matter their shape, size, age, or color—are beautiful. With this approach, he captures the raw and intimate beauty found in the nude form. His photographs draw the viewer in, falling in love with his subjects.

His work takes inspiration from the imagery of other photographers’ he encountered throughout the years. More specifically, German Australian photographer Helmut Newton, French photographer Jean-Francois Jonvelle, and American photographer Tony Ward influence his photographic creativity. Additionally, the women he photographs, who allow him to reveal their intimate beauty through his lens, provide inspiration.

Perry Gallagher favors shooting with the available light found on location. Available light enhances the intimacy and dreamlike atmosphere that he seeks to create in his photographs. Perry believes that using studio lights hinders the moment’s spontaneity. By not using studio lights, he can capture candid moments and make his photographs feel natural and not staged.

Throughout the years, Perry Gallagher developed his style and currently manages to excel at capturing the intimate beauty of his subjects. An art critic once described his works as “a celebration of women.” His images appear regularly in fine art books, fetish literature, magazines, and other publications. His art has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in galleries in cities such as Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, London, and throughout California. Most notably, his work was exhibited in Mirrors of the Magic Muse, a gallery show commissioned by the royal family of Monaco and organized by renowned collector Amedeo M. Turello. The exhibition showcased and highlighted the best photographers focusing on the female form for the past hundred years. In that exhibition, he earned recognition as an emerging master of the genre.

Perry Gallagher continues to create intimate and timeless images that capture the intimacy of feminine beauty.

Publications & Press

Perry’s work has been featured in the following books and periodicals.


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